Support for file renames in diffs (BB-11906)

Issue #11264 duplicate
Cyril Roussillon created an issue

When showing a commit on the bitbucket interface, the renames are not detected at all when printing the summary and diff.

I don't know how this view is generated, but it looks a bit like the default git show behavior, as to be compared to git show --find-renames which produces way lighter and readable diffs in case of files renamed.

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  1. Matt Kocaj

    Yeh.. the Pull Request workflow is where the pain is biggest for me. When team members can't read a PR easily they led bad code slip through. When a PR has so much more vertical page length because the diffs are not rendering correctly then you're more likely to skim over it and not review it properly.

  2. Matt Kocaj

    What about file move operations?

    We need support for:

    • file renames
    • file moves

    Github has this and it's really important.

  3. Simon Paridon

    I would argue that a file move is a particular special case of a file rename and doesn't actually require any special handling that isn't already covered by the desired file rename handling... but yes, I agree that of course the file rename handling should also work with file moves.

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