Problems with uploading images

Issue #11267 closed
Діма Зелінський
created an issue

When I am pressing button "upload" the image is not uploaded, but in browser console there are some errors

Remote Address:

Request URL:

Request Method:POST

Status Code:404 NOT FOUND

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  1. Zachary Davis

    I'm unable to reproduce this. Can you confirm that you're still seeing this problem, and if so provide any additional information (browser, os, wiki privacy settings) that might help us track this down?

  2. Діма Зелінський reporter

    Yep I still have this problem on my machine. Additional info: I have Google chrome Version 33.0.1750.152 on Ubuntu OS 12.04 LTS. Also I have the same bug on my MacOS. It looks like the problem is not related to the environment.

    Actually I tried to upload image in this comment its working good, but in my project in wiki it is not. It looks like in my project wiki I have problem with access to this url ( but in this comment I can access to url for uploading images ( Something wrong with access or better existing url for uploading images in my project wiki

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