Merged Pull Requests tab in Compare View tab does not display all expected pull requests (BB-13551)

Issue #11273 open
Murat Yıldırım created an issue


Many of the times, while we are using Compare feature for two different branches, Merged Pull Requests feature doesn't work. I could not define the exact situation or reason to find the root cause of the problem, constantly it doesn't work.

Let me give an example for this type of issue;

We use master and integration branches. integration branch is the last stop before go-to-production and we merge feature branches into integration branch and then integration branch into master branch. And before go-to-production phase, I check whether I am doing everything correctly. For this last check, I open Compare branch page and choose master and integration ( integration-to-master). But, I see only some of the pull requests in the merge pull requests, but I can't see many of them. Sometimes, I don't see any pull requests in that tab. But, when I check that branch, I am sure that those pull requests are merged to the integration branch.

Example link:<company-name>/<project-name>/branches/compare/<branch-name>%0D<master-branch>#pull-requests

I hope, I explain it clearly.

Thanks, Murat

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  1. Ferran Miró

    We are experiencing this issue from some weeks ago. The description in Issue #12106 explains exactly our case. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks!

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