Internal Server Error Sending while adding an ssh key

Issue #11312 resolved
Kristian Benoit created an issue

Trying to add an ssh key, after clicking on "Add Key", the ui give no feedback. Looking at the console I get the following:

POST!api/1.0/users/kbenoit/ssh-keys 500 (INTERNAL SERVER ERROR)nrWrapper @ (index):5Z.ajaxTransport.Q.cors.e.crossDomain.send @ jquery.js:8625Z.extend.ajax @ jquery.js:8161u @ bitbucket.js:199i.user.t.add_ssh_key @ bitbucket.js:865i.onCreate @ ssh-keys.js:24l @ form.js:48define._onclick @ aui-stable.js:5522Z.event.dispatch @ jquery.js:4430Z.event.add.g.handle @ jquery.js:4116nrWrapper @ (index):5 (index):5 Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: {"error": {"message": "'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 5: ordinal not in range(128)", "id": "f4887b7306f44c53901173e500a4467c"}}

Here's the key I'm trying to to add from latest chrome (42.0.2311.135) under osx:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDPLxgUqxFom8e0Uuh9v091tVTcEjyfONvVBkaCr3MRJPvZDDblw3784l7QNlXIM3/UhBzcKFdk+03MXeYrVpaGnHJvVyv+GwJFGozr76pCD9ZKfQkCfAoIsNAvFMGpL7gWR/MwbrlBWeYhWEoUtKEukU7fcYokylgNk/o7E2ljRYfQXWEAnzocLw5Cp9CpbkONhYTbKQ8Fd9N7XW1wGE1wzI42YJZNTBDTa0NCVm11tYxycqGzESHyTM8OCtaiozPtcbWLk8S8txeU38Xg0AQrLefRfcH7YR24Eo3hvkklb8V4r4QSBTxtUjDI5Xkee+rt5hvSnLyTO+qvMbJXvMa5 kbenoit@GreenplayLogServer

Seems a problem with some unicode character, but neither the ssh key or the title contain non-ascii characters.

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  1. Jesse Yowell Account Deactivated

    Hi Kristian,

    We recently released a fix for this.. are you still seeing this error?

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