Rest API returns error when trying to read a folder with 150+ files (BB-12989)

Issue #11315 wontfix
Santiago Barroso created an issue

I am using the REST api (version 1) get the list of files that exists at a certain folder in my repository. It is working fine when trying to access a folder that does not contain a large number of files, but when trying to access a folder containing more than 150 files (this limit might be smaller as i have not been able to check the exact number) I get an "Internal server error".

Url used: "{accountname}/{repo_slug}/src/{revision}/{path}"

Navigating via the website works fine. It is just the REST Api that is showing the error.

Is there any way i can access such a folder?

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  1. Zachary Davis Account Deactivated

    To fix this properly we would need pagination support. That will be coming in the v2 implementation of this api, but we can't retroactively add pagination to the v1 api.

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