Enable rich rendering of Jupyter notebooks (BB-12986)

Issue #11318 open
Nathan Goldbaum
created an issue

Github now supports rich rendering of jupyter notebooks:


It would be great if Bitbucket did as well. Jupyter notebooks are increasingly used as a format for documentation, sharing computations, and reproducible data science in general.

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  1. Thomas Kluyver

    I work on Jupyter - if there are any questions about how to make this happen, I can help you find the answers (I won't necessarily know the answers, but I'll probably have a good idea who does).

  2. Youri Nelson

    Ivote for it too, it would be fantastic! One of the reason we are still hesitating on porting over to github so we can read the jupyter notebook straight from the repo.

  3. Boon Jin Tek

    +1 Jupyter notebook has become the main part of my workday now... It would be extremely useful to have bitbucket able to render jupyter notebooks the way github does.

  4. marshall_245

    +1 this has been noticeably absent from Atlassian's Bitbucket product offering. Code comments are taking place in the raw text during code review. This makes notebook collaboration challenging.

  5. Hiroshi Yamamoto

    +1 from a group of sad pandas. Just taught my colleague engineer how to use Jupyter Notebook, only to find our projects are hosted on BitBucket which doesn't support ipynb format!

  6. bluemarblesoft

    I add my vote. Having discovered to my chagrin yesterday that Jupyter notebook rendering is not supported, after a lapse in their use for a while, my enthusiasm for BitBucket abruptly dimmed.

    Message to BitBucket: you are going to lose users back to GitHub if you don't get notebook rendering working!

  7. bluemarblesoft

    Is the hold-up here because of a concern for server-side CPU load? Does nbconvert place too much of a burden when processing multi-Mb notebooks?

    Or is it because of a perceived complexity with maintaining support Jupyter for nb rendering? Perhaps there is a perception that Jupyter notebook rendering is a niche concern?

    Some update from the gurus here would be nice, since this issue was first raised two years ago. Please make a decision at your end and either act on resolving the issue or tell us that it will not be fulfilled. Then we can move on. [In my case, I have already switched back to GitHub for the time being]

  8. Boon Jin Tek

    I wonder is anyone from Atlassian reading this ticket? Also, I was trying to check the priority of other issues, apparently, all are set to "Minor" ... hmmm...

    Any response from the devs would be great! Hello??

  9. Nathan Goldbaum reporter

    I mentioned this earlier but no one has taken me up on it. It would likely not be that hard to write a bitbucket connect add-on to do this. Anyone (including those commenting in this thread) can write and run a connect add-on.

  10. cstarkjp

    Atlassian bosses: please pay attention to this thread, upgrade the issue to "major" (not all major issues are fires that need to be put out yesterday...), and fix the problem. The lack of progress in two years speaks volumes.

  11. Thomas Kluyver

    It doesn't appear that Atlassian bosses are reading this issue, so the storm of +1s and increasingly grumpy messages here are probably not achieving anything.

    You may find it easier to make the case if someone took up Nathan's suggestion of making an add-on to do it. Then you'd just be asking them to enable a popular (hopefully!) add-on by default.

    Here are some resources for Bitbucket add-ons:

    And an example for rendering files:

    If you need info on the Jupyter side of things, come and talk to us on our mailing list or via Github issues.

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