Ability to edit pull request author

Issue #11340 open
Alex Rousskov
created an issue

It should be possible to edit/change the pull request author.

Use case: When a developer has signaled (e.g., via JIRA issue status) that a branch is ready for review but forgotten to create a pull request, the reviewer should be able to create a pull request and then change its author to the developer. Without the ability to edit, the reviewer has to pick from two or three bad options:

  1. delay the review until the developer creates a pull request (may take a few days!)
  2. create a pull request with reviewer as an author, which allows the review to proceed but screws up subsequent interaction in many ways
  3. review the branch without creating a pull request, which means review comments are going to be attached to individual branch commits (among other problems).

Comments (12)

  1. Joe Del Nano

    +1 as well. Wanted for cases mentioned above as well as for CI automation with Jenkins system user being able to create PRs on behalf of user who submits a Jenkins build.

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