snippet tool - drag&drop - change language - extension changes - this is wrong (BB-13099)

Issue #11341 open
Michael Barthold
created an issue

Kind: Bug Short description: File extension of a file added via drag&drop is changed if the "language" is changed. Fix: If an existing file is added via drag&drop, then it had its extension for a good reason. The snippet tool must not change the extension of files that existed before and that were added via drag&drop.

Long desription: When you add an existing file via drag&drop to a snippet, and then change the language for syntax highlighting to any value (like "XML"), the snippet tool changes the file's extension to .xml (or the respective extension of that "language").

This is a bug, because the file existed before with a given extension (like ".snippet" when you add Visual Studio Code Snippets to the... Snippets tool). When I now clone the snippet back local, all files have a ".xml" extension and Visual Studio no longer accepts them as snippets. I had to rename them manually back to .snippet to get this working and worth making it accessible for the Team so we all share the same VS snippets.

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