Automatically create anchor link for parsed Markdown headlines (Wiki) (BB-13092)

Issue #11353 open
Mathis Neumann created an issue

Hey there, Github automatically creates local (anchor) links for Markdown Headlines which makes it easy to link to specific parts of a wiki page. It seems that BB does not have this feature.

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  1. Russell Peake

    Bitbucket does create anchors for headings in markdown (not sure if this is what you meant or auto linking to headings. If you are meaning anchors and how to add them, see below.

    [link to heading 1](#markdown-header-heading-1)
    # Heading 1
  2. Mathis Neumann reporter

    I saw via the html inspector that it creates these anchor, but it does not provide a GUI for that. GitHub shows a link on mouse hover like this:

    Sorry, I should have been more clear

  3. Mathis Neumann reporter

    [TOC] is nice, but does not solve the problem, since the this can only be done by somebody with write access. Mostly it is for linking to documentation and other texts that the person (I) did not write him/herself.

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