Merging multiple Pull requests at once on a Repository with many open Pull requests against the same branch may be slow (BB-13082)

Issue #11355 closed
Marcus Bertrand staff created an issue

When a Pull request is merged, Bitbucket must check all Pull requests open for the given destination branch to ensure that all other Pull Requests are still in a consistent state, and update them if they are not. While this check is happening, all other Pull request merging is temporarily locked until the Pull requests have all been checked and updated.

On a Repository with many (50+) open Pull requests against the same branch, users may experience the following behavior:

  • A user merges any given Pull request, this one will be pretty quick
  • Any subsequent attempt to merge a different Pull request will take a little while in relation to the total number of open Pull requests against that branch.

As a workaround, fewer Pull requests against the same branch will result in quicker merges. The Bitbucket team is aware of this issue and is investigating ways to improve this essential process.

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  1. Abhin Chhabra Account Deactivated

    We updated how the PRs get updated/refresh in such a way that the amount of time spent synchronizing updates (waiting on locks) is minimized. So merging PRs in a repo with many open PRs should be similar in performance to merging PRs in another repo with a small number of open PRs.

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