when bitbucket displays raw file it has  symbol

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TJ Thomas created an issue

Go to latest commit and  symbol is not in the file view but when view raw symbol is present

I have other repos that the commits go to and the problem doesn't manifest itself there. e.g. gitlab etc.

I use bitbucket as my main repo but if I can't copy/ paste from here I'll be disappointed.php_admin_flag[short_open_tag] = Off

php_admin_value[default_socket_timeout] = 30 php_admin_flag[session.use_trans_sid] = Off

has this,

php_admin_flag[mysql.allow_persistent]Â = Off

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  1. Gary Sackett staff

    Hi TJ, Apologies for the delay, but can you link me to a commit on one of your repos, so that I can take a look? Cheers,


  2. Kaleb Elwert

    If you're still having problems relating to this issue, please feel free to contact support by emailing support@bitbucket.org

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