Kill this issue tracker since you clearly ignore it

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Braxton Beyer
created an issue

The bitbucket team does not act on these issues. It gives false hope to users that you will listen to them so I suggest you just kill this.

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  1. Ike DeLorenzo

    Hi Braxton,

    Be assured we pay careful attention to the issue tracker. Vote numbers are always considered as we plan our roadmap and add new features (and are often quoted at meetings). Some issues rise to higher importantance primarily from the surge in the number of votes.

    The issues board also presents opportunities for developers to identify demand for potential third-party Connect Add-ons for Bitbucket.

    Ike DeLorenzo

    PM, Bitbucket

  2. Jeroen Cools

    Hello Ike,

    If so, than how is it possible for such a big request, to still stand without any confirmation? One would say that BitBucket would at least have shown some sort of confirmation that they are actively looking at the request. It has been stated before that BitBucket does not publish its roadmaps, but some hints towards if and when would make a lot of people stop asking about it.

    I've been reading the many +1 comments and feedback in said request. And to me, it looks like you're losing quite some big users over something that seems quite simple to implement.

    As a business user myself, I can understand most of the comments that rant about structure in the overview. But I also accept that the search function does wonders when you have to maintain over 50 repositories.

    With kind regards,

    Jeroen Cools

  3. Zachary Davis

    Hi Braxton and others,

    I'm closing this issue out, because I don't think anything productive can really come of it. Maybe we should close this issue tracker. Operating a public issue tracker for a project of this size is a really hard thing to do, and we certainly haven't been doing it to the best of our abilities. There's a reason some other high profile projects don't have a public issue tracker. But at the moment we have no plans to kill it, so there's no point in allowing this issue to linger.

    But your frustrations have been heard, here and elsewhere. As you said, actions speak louder than words. So I hope our actions in the near and not-so-near future can change your mind.



  4. Braxton Beyer reporter

    It's funny that this ticket has gotten two responses in a week when some of the others have gotten that many in years. Not trying to be confrontational, just don't understand why you guys have the time to respond to this but not the time to respond to the top issues that thousands of users care about.

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