User avatar missing if using Gravatar and Ghostery adblock (BB-13530)

Issue #11486 invalid
created an issue

Firefox + Ghostery (and Adblock) it will block Gravatar. Which means that if you are logged in the icon in the top right corner is missing and replaced with the broken link icon.

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  1. Theodora Boudale staff

    Forgot to add a note after re-opening: the issue was re-opened after a report that the default avatar is also not visible -- the screencast in the above comment illustrates that the default avatar is briefly seen, and then it's no longer visible.

    Customer's comment: "It looks to me like there is a script that is running that doesn't bother to check whether it can load additional resources and just overwrites the defaults anyway."

  2. Sean Farley

    Not sure what to say besides adding to the 'Trusted Sites' section of Ghostery. That extension is doing what you requested: block third-party integrations (which gravatar uses).

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