Repository icon changes when i change avatar (BB-13304)

Issue #11531 resolved
Fábio Santos created an issue

If you go to view profile and change your avatar, both your image and the repository icons will change to the photo you upload, it is fixed after reload.

Using Chrome Version 43.0.2357.130 m

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  1. Enon Avital

    Same here. Quite annoying that all the account's repo avatars are changed. Worse: there's no apparent way to individually change a repo's avatar after that, so I'm stuck with a bunch of repos that aren't visually distinguishable.

  2. Zachary Davis Account Deactivated

    This bug, as originally logged by @fabio_santos14, has been fixed. Unfortunately this ticket wasn't updated at that time.

    What you're describing @eavital is an artifact of today's release of our projects feature. It wasn't an easy decision, but after a lot of thought and internal debate we decided to get rid of repo avatars. The avatar shown for a repository now inherits from either the containing project or, as in your case, the individual owner.

  3. Enon Avital

    That's quite unfortunate news. Hope to see it back someday soon. In any event, thanks for the update.

  4. Zero Byte

    I'm really disappointed. It was a bad decision in my opinion. I have few dozen repos and having custom avatar for each one always helped to visually distinguish them.

  5. Bas Rieter

    Well, I can imagine why project/team feature was introduced. However the result is that teams will move from a personal repository to a team repository and thus transfer the repo. This will break their repository URL and there is no way of having a nice redirect! That is something that should have been in place. Because you either break all your repository links (linked on many places in the web, even without your reach) or you are stuck with you personal avatar on repository that used to have a team avatar!

  6. Alex Espinoza

    @zdavis Is there a need for icons then if it will inherit from the project ? It is annoying to see the same icon in all repos. For personal repositories is even worse, since I have to see my avatar for every repo and there is no way to organize them. So If I have 100 repos, the icon serves no purpose.

    IMHO, remove the repository icons altogether. It messes up the UX because it serves no purpose, it just makes it very difficult to differentiate a repo from another.

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