Custom Pull Request Description Template (BB-14637)

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Ben Tatham
created an issue

Lately, a bullet list of the commit messages has been added to the default description of a Pull Request.

This is great, but we'd love to have our own template, that might include some of this dynamic data, using some parameters like ${commits} or something.

We typically include multiple headings in all PRs for our team, and it would be nice to have that auto-populated.

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  1. Zachary Davis

    This is not currently on the roadmap, and as far as I know there isn't any current plan to add this functionality. This doesn't mean we never plan on doing it, or that we don't think it's a useful idea. It's just not at the top of our priorities right now.

  2. Marie Fetiveau

    Also interested by this feature. Our PR template is static, right now we are copying / pasting it from Confluence, but could be really helpful if it is already here in the description when we create the PR.

  3. WeiningMa

    We'd love to have this feature also. We are using a static PR template right now and every time people need to copy/paste.

    BTW: @Peter Ramsing, we have also tried the Chrome extension but it doesn't work though. Creating commit first then do PR but there is no template added into the PR... Any idea?

  4. Sravan Manne

    +1 We are looking forward for this feature as well. -To be able to define sort of a "Description Template" for the developers to provide some mandatory details while raising a PR.

  5. bartread

    +1 for this feature. -1 for the yak-shaving I had to go through to add a comment to it.

    Seriously, it's been incredibly useful with GitHub. I have, however, a client who uses on premise BitBucket and for whom GitHub isn't really an option (in theory they could migrate to on premise GitHub Enterprise, but it's kind of a pain in the neck). This feature would be incredibly useful for them as well.

    I've previously worked on teams where you can use it to include, for example, a checklist of actions to be completed/considered before submitting a PR, which can help make the code review and approval process run smoother.

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