Looks like teams issues view no longer works

Issue #11587 closed
Valentín Barros
created an issue

Until this week —or maybe last week, I've been on vacation this one— I could see all open/new/on-hold issues using https://bitbucket.org/dashboard/issues?section=teams , but now I don't see any issues in that section. Could it be a bug?

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  1. Valentín Barros reporter

    Hi @Jesse Yowell ,

    [...] are you still having issues?

    Yes, it behaves the same as when I created the issue: I can't see open/new/on-hold issues across my team repositories in Teams issues tab —I can see Watching, Reported... and the others, they work well, but the Teams section shows

    No open team issues Issues across your teams' repositories will appear here.

    And I do have open/new/on-hold in my team...

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