Get a user's commits by date (BB-13814)

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Sruti Harikumar
created an issue

My company/team has quite a few repositories on bitbucket and I am trying to fetch the logged in user's commits for a particular day.

According to the current bitbucket API, the only way to do this is by

  1. Fetching all teams for the authenticated user
  2. Fetching all repos for each of the teams, the user is a part of
  3. Then fetching all the commits for each repo

Even after these three API calls,I end up with a lot of data (all commits from all branches of all the repositories the user is a part of). Then I have to filter all the commits by user and date to arrive at my final data set.

It would be great if there was a way to get commits for a start-date and end-date value. For example

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  1. Jeremy Freeman

    Agreed, better filtering is needed for interactions. Github provides a similar feature, and it allows consumers of the API to easily get what data they need without paging through all of the commits to get back to a specific day.

    Not only will this reduce server load for bitbucket, but will allow developers more flexibility when interacting with the service!

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