File upload doesn't support 'enter' key very well

Issue #11621 closed
Michael Bean
created an issue

When I upload files to BB, I often select the file (or drag and drop it), then hit tab until the 'Upload' button receives focus, then I hit enter. Recently (I think a month ago), it started showing multiple uploads, resulting in image references within references, or sometimes adjacent references. So hitting enter is uploading it 2 times. Whenever this happens, it makes me look like a bad commenter when really it is BB being buggy.

In image 2, you see 2 file upload progress bars. (It would be nice if BB supported multiple upload, but that is feature request I will save for later.) It shows a duplicate reference to the file being uploaded.

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  1. Gary Sackett staff

    Hi Michael, Im a bit confused here. When I open up a PR, hit comment, then click the add image button on the wiki editor line >> I get the add image box, drag and drop an image, and click Upload. I get a single image dropped in t the comment editor as normal - I cant seem to reproduce. Can you walk me through this, or provide a screencast if I am not following this correctly? Cheers,


  2. Marcus Bertrand staff

    As we haven't heard from you about this issue in some time, we're closing it. If you continue to have issues with the file picker in Bitbucket, please raise a request and be sure to include as much information as possible to help us find/reproduce this issue.


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