Render SVG as image in Pull Request (BB-13875)

Issue #11622 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

MIME type of SVG is image/svg+xml. Image, not text.

In 2015 SVG is a regular image type, as GIF or PNG.

Please stop displaying absolutely unusable source of SVGs and begin render them as images:

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    Yeah, that looks like a bug. Svg's do get rendered in the source browser and diffs should be no different.

    I've got a patch that, if everything goes well, should land on production in a week or so.


    @Limon Monte in your issue description you said "Please stop displaying absolutely unusable source of SVGs".

    Well, it wasn't useless to us, it was almost mission critical, as we have SVG templates with arguments. The best solution would be a button where you can switch between image and text rendering.

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