Features added without opt-out or asking users

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Igor Baidiuk
created an issue

Atlassian tends to add features to bitbucket silently, without asking users if they want one, or even adding some way to opt out.

Notable examples: 1. Auto-updating pull requests https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/9361/add-an-option-to-turn-off-pull-request 2. "create pull request message" when pushing to bitbucket repo https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/11409/revert-modify-create-pull-request-message

Even more, Atlassian staff tends to ignore any complains from users.

So it would be really nice for dev team to turn to users with their faces


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  1. Jesse Yowell staff

    Most software-as-a-service features work like this -- features are added based on user's requests, or based on what we think users might want. In this case, we understand that this isn't to everyone's liking. We're listening, this might be changing this as time goes on due to the number of users upset with these features.

    *edit: I shouldn't say we are or aren't going to change these features, that is why we have this issue tracker to begin with: for feedback. However, changing core functionality such as the pull request will take some time. I'm not sure about the remote pull request message -- I imagine we may want to change this sooner than later.

  2. Igor Baidiuk reporter

    The problem isn't with features themselves. The problem is, you bestow some behavior, without checking first if that's acceptable.

    Have you asked a single user if they wanna that garbage in console when pushing? Have you asked a single user if they wanna PR autoupdate?

    Have you asked anyone before applying changes?

  3. Zachary Davis

    Since this ticket was filed we've changed our feature roll-out policy. We now roll out any major features slowly, first as opt-in, then as opt-out. During opt-in and opt-out phases we monitor feedback and opt-out rates, and only once we're satisfied that the feature works as expected and provides sufficient value do we turn it on for everyone with no opt-out.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  4. Zachary Davis

    Hi Igor,

    I maintain that this specific issue ("Features added without opt-out or asking users") is being handled dramatically differently than when this ticket was filed and can reasonably be considered resolved. As you note, there are already separate tickets filed to track the ability to disable the specific features you have problems with. I'm not sure this meta-ticket serves any purpose by remaining open.


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