Deleted a Repository on accident, need it back. 911

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Shawn Nolan
created an issue

Idk what i was thinking but i removed a repo and was trying to delete a branch... I don't see a way to restore from a history, I'm really hoping there is a way to back up from a certain point?

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  1. Jesse Yowell staff

    This issue tracker is for tracking known issues and feature requests on Bitbucket. If you'd like to report a bug or error seen in your account, please e-mail with the account / repo name and any relevant screenshots or error output.

    In this case, please provide us with the account / repo name and we'll see if we can recover it.

    Thanks, Jesse

  2. Shawn Nolan reporter

    Account / Repo: odysseyinc / FCG.

    I did just create a new repo tho, didn't know if i would get a response for a while or not, hope that doesn't confuse things. There should've been at least 4-5+ branches on the old one.

    Thanks, Shawn.

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