Can we add more config options to the BitBucket editor?

Issue #11706 duplicate
Peter Wayner
created an issue

This shouldn't be hard. I would like to edit some raw text in your web editor and I want to keep each paragraph on its own line. The editor is aimed at code and so it doesn't include line wrapping. But I would like to use it.

The CodeMirror editor that you use has a boolean that can be set (lineWrapping) to true to turn on linewrapping. Could there be a button that does this?

A super-slick option might be to let each user set up a JSON block for configuration. But that might add too much to the job and it might be overkill. I'm not sure how many people would want to tweak some of the other parameters.


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  1. Zachary Davis

    I think it's very unlikely that we'll allow blanket custom configuration of the online editor options any time in the near future, so I've marked this as a duplicate of an existing issue asking specifically for line-wrapping, which seems to be your primary pain point.

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