Unapprove PR automatically when a PR has been changed

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Charles Chan created an issue

As a reviewer, when an author updates a PR and adds new commits to their branch, I want the review status to change from approved to unapproved automatically so that I can quickly find out which PR needs my attention.

It would also be useful to be able to identify which file has changed, so I don't have to go thru all full commit. I know I can look under the commits tab, but it still takes a while to figure out where to begin with the new additions.

(Note: These basic features available in Crucible.)

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  1. Charles Chan reporter

    Another suggestion:
    Instead of having multiple tabs (Overview, Commits, Activity) where comments can easily get lost. Why not combined them into a single page and show the Activity in chronological order.

    Just look over at Github to see their PR mechanism works.

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