Should be able to revoke your own access to a team

Issue #11725 duplicate
Ruben Maher
created an issue

My use case is that I created a team on behalf of my employer, invited them to join the team as an administrator, and now that they have joined I would like to remove myself as an administrator and remain as a developer.

The error message I get is "You cannot revoke your own access to this team".

I don't want to ask $boss to do this, since I said it was something I would take care of. I didn't think it was going to be an issue.

TL;DR: why can't I revoke my own access to a team?

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  1. Jacob Mellin

    @rrudnicki This is not a duplicate of that issue. The issue #11070 you mentioned deals with removing other users from a team. This issue concerns removing yourself from the Administrators of a team.

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