Bug: CSS/Styles broken on bitbucket.org site.

Issue #11727 invalid
John Walker
created an issue

When I visit : https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/new

I see the page rendered as pure html without styles formatting the page to make it look pretty and ajaxy. (See screengrab attached)

I would expect to see the pages on bitbucket.org site formatted correctly like they were 24 hours ago.

I am using a Firefox 40.0.2 browser on Windows 7 Home Premium OS.

I also witnessed this issue on Firefox on Windows XP about 30 minutes before I created the issue.

Possible Cause

Doing a view source of a broken bitbucket.org page I notice there is a link tag like:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://d3oaxc4q5k2d6q.cloudfront.net/m/e222eac7a3c0/css/vendor.css" />

When one tries to access the url that it points to, ( https://d3oaxc4q5k2d6q.cloudfront.net/m/e222eac7a3c0/css/vendor.css ), Firefox returns an error:

Server not found

Firefox can't find the server at d3oaxc4q5k2d6q.cloudfront.net.

Even a visit to cloudfront.net returns a Server not found error.

So, that seems to be the issue.

I'm based in the UK. However, a check on DownOrNotWorking https://downornotworking.com/cloudfront.net/ suggests that Cloudfront is down for everyone.

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  1. StoneSteps

    This was possibly caused by malware on client machines

    This has nothing to do with malware on the client machine. The issue is that *.cloudfront.net is listed in extensions.BlockSite.blacklist, so FireFox simply ignores the style sheet mentioned in the original post. You can edit this entry and remove *.cloudfront.net||| from the list and bitbucket.org will work fine.

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