Request for technical ('bot') users to support integrations using the Bitbucket REST API

Issue #11739 open
Michael Rüegg created an issue


I would like to create Bitbucket REST calls from an integration (e.g., a build server or a shell script) as a technical user (or service user speaking in terms of Stash). i.e., when I create a pull request comment with the Bitbucket REST API via OAuth, I don't want to see my own user as the pull request comment author, but instead the name of a technical user like "Service XYZ".

I know that there is a concept of API keys for teams which is something similar, but I want to have that for single-user repositories as well.

Thanks, Michael

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  1. Peter Bittner

    What is the difference if you simply create a "Your-Company-Name Bot" <> user account on Bitbucket, and then use that user in your scripts? - That would solve the problem, wouldn't it?

  2. John Tipper

    However, if you have a number of users that puts you under one licensing pricing tier, and you wish to have one or more bots, then this is an expensive way to implement automation if adding the extra users takes you over the pricing tier threshold.

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