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I wonder if I was allowed to suggest that as a native Dutchmen and fluent English speaker I could offer to do a lot of work on translating the BitBucket site/program/environment to Dutch.

I have heard from tech support that there is not a real demand or desire at this point to include Dutch in the list of translations. However I would ask that you reconsider.

The reason being that I could probably get an (interface) translation done in weeks.

I'm not sure if you would find that a translation is only worthwhile if all of the documentation is translated as well; this is more difficult; requires more energy and dedication. Translating the site I can do in between anything whenever I feel like it. I have been a programmer for as long as I can remember and I'm pretty keen on interface requirements.

I love JIRA and I think I coincide well with what you do. There are many bad translations of English into Dutch as regards computer software (such as Microsoft Windows) but I think I can do better than that, more native and more intuitive. If you want it you can have it, in full agreement with your style guids.

"Guids" ;-) --> it's "gidsen" in Dutch.

See, I'm already doing it :P.

Reading dutch ight be weird for any programmer. We are accustomed to a constant presentation of English text in the computer world. Some of us hardly deal with Dutch environments. We often have to choose an English install of anything or we won't be able to communicate with the tech world in the sae terms regarding the same software.

And my m key is slightly broken on this keyboard, but that is not hard to fix in that regard.

I had offered in the past to help someone with translating, but they declined because they wanted a full full full trnlation of everythign and I was not going to do that or take resonsibility for that as an outsider. But Transifx seems pretty easy to do.

These systems did not exist inthe past, I believe. Typing on a keyboard like this is hard ;-). I a just not changing my typeing errors for reasons.

Because this is just anemail, mostly.

Regards, Bart.

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