Support organization of repositories by label (BB-14288)

Issue #11800 open
Daniel Bennett
staff created an issue

Projects (folders) are only one take on how someone might organize a set of repositories. Another is the free-form label approach. We should consider adding labels to repositories.

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  1. Darrick Lee

    +1 Being able to apply labels would be great for pulling up repos by feature or projects. Sometimes you have code that's connected to multiple things or involves multiple core features. Having a repo be part of a project would be one part of that, but being able to apply labels would help connect repos across projects

  2. Franklin Yu

    @Neel Basu A repository can sit in only one project (like folder hierarchy), but with multiple labels. This would be useful if, for example, you want to categorize "spoon" into both "silver" and "tableware".

    I vote for both, but I believe the "project" feature brings less performance issue.

  3. Andrew Swan

    I've written a Connect app for labelling repos, and would appreciate any feedback. You can install it from here.


    • As one of my 20% projects, this app is not officially supported.
    • If you uninstall it, all your labels will be deleted. This is a deliberate feature for the protection of your data.
    • At the moment there is no way to export your labels, although that would be feasible if enough people asked for it (e.g. they wanted to uninstall the app but be able to re-import the labels into some other app or system that had an import feature).

    (updated in Dec 2018 to reflect the current status of the app)

  4. Chris

    @Andrew Swan Thanks! This is really useful and way less disruptive than the project, which required a team and migrating project, etc. Would love to see the label search appear on the Dashboard. And even have a list of the most used labels when you select that tab. Right now even on the Profile page when you select Labels, it just shows the search.

  5. Chad Cook

    Being able to tag or label repositories would be a huge help. Being able to tell whats inside of a repository like language, project metadata would significantly allow us to be more intelligent things with bitbucket.

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