API is returning cached results even after the resources have been changed (BB-14519)

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Itai Gendler
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I have an application that is creating and deleting hooks for repositories of users.

In the code we query the hooks of a repo and then decide what to do next. This is an example of request we are doing:

https://bitbucket.org/api/2.0/repositories/lobengula3rd/carsstore/hooks/?access_token=users access token*

After we add a hook the GET request of getting all the hooks still returns and old response without the newly added hook.

When i looked in the headers of the response i can see that there is a header: 'x-cache-status': HIT

Why is this response being signaled as cached when the resources have been changed? This is really a bad beheaviour.

Is there a way to signify that i don't want cached results? I am very amazed this is acting like this. Why are responses of GET are being cached?

The only solution for me was to add another query string param with a dynamic value like the current date to get other this issue. This is probably also occuring for all rest of apis.

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