Force team members to use two-factor authentication

Issue #11876 wontfix
Roy Duineveld
created an issue

It would be nice if there was a team account setting that can be enabled to only allow user accounts with two-factor authentication enabled or some kind of check from the team account to see who has it enabled/disabled.

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  1. Zachary Davis

    With the way Bitbucket is currently set up individual accounts are not "owned" or controlled in any way by any team they're a member of. Therefore, unfortunately we can't allow teams to force team members to do anything, including use two-factor authentication.

    With regards to the audit, we have another issue open for that: #11711

  2. Eric Brzezenski

    @zdavis I don't think its a matter of ownership of individual accounts. If I specify my team is 'MFA Access Only' any individual accounts should be blocked from joining (or viewing / modifying if they are already a member) my teams repos until they have complied with my security settings.

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