Issues list is unreadable if the screen is narrow (BB-14427)

Issue #11883 resolved
Jason McKesson created an issue

The issues list page is non-functional if the screen/zoom settings make the page too narrow horizontally. The title column gets so small it actually disappears entirely.

This makes it impossible to even click on the issue, let along read what it's name is. The issues list has become unusable to me.

Just put a minimum width on the table and add a horizontal scrollbar if the user's zoom settings make the page too narrow for all of the columns. I mean, GitHub manages to make this work.

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  1. Jason McKesson reporter

    I think I see the problem. The ones that work don't have milestones or versions. For example, the issues list for "master" works fine. But once you insert those columns, something gets off in the table and the name doesn't get enough space.

  2. Aivar Annamaa

    Seems this is not just the problem of too little space available. It occurs when issues have component tags specified. The component tags should be inline. At the moment the space under them is wasted.

  3. Eric Celeste

    One solution is super simple... don't let the title get too small by changing...

    <td class="text flex-content--column">


    <td class="text">

    ... in the issue list table.

    Whatever magic is in that flex-content--column is doing more harm than good.

  4. Jonathan Poh Account Deactivated

    This is now fixed and issue titles will not be completely obscured by the 'component' lozenge on narrow browser window sizes

  5. Rob

    This still seems like an issue. I am a new user, and I use my iPad to triage, do planning, etc. With milestone, version, and component columns visible, the title column is so narrow that it’s basically unusable.

    I’d love to see a fix for this, as I was hoping to make Bitbucket my new home for my projects. But, right now, I’m in “wait and see” mode, as using the iPad is a core part of my workflow.


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