Local Merges showing in remote branch after push

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Nate Weldon created an issue

We have an issue but I believe that it might be related to how we are making our changes. Basically we are seeing the non-conflicting merges in the remote git branch that the local git branches are making.

We are running the following commands

git clone remotebranch local

cd local

git checkout localBranch //make change is localBranch

git pull remotebranch // merge happens but not in a file local developer is working in

git commit -m " changes"

git push // merge shows in remote branch

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  1. Gideon Koh Account Deactivated

    Hi there,

    This issue tracker is for tracking known bugs and feature requests on Bitbucket. If you're still facing this issue, can you please email support@bitbucket.org with further details, and our support team should reach out to you shortly.


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