As a repo admin I want to enable automatic fork syncing for my forks so that I won't have to manually sync them (BB-15433)

Issue #12170 open
Theodora Boudale staff created an issue

Problem Definition

If a Bitbucket user wants to sync a fork of their repo, they have to do it manually.

Suggested Solution

Offer an option to Bitbucket users to enable (or disable) automatic syncing of forks with their original repo.

Comments (25)

  1. Michael Hugh Cox

    Definitely need to add this feature to compete with the new kid on the block, Gitlab Community Edition. Take a look at how Gitlab did projects, groups, and teams (they did it very well; better than both Bitbucket and Github, IMHO).

    I know you have a "conflict of interest" to not cannibalize your premium products, but Gitlab has the same issue with their Gitlab Enterprise.

  2. Angelo Maglione

    I looked 2 days hoping to find the auto sync without success. It's incredible that you offer this feature only in the enterprise edition.

    Hope you will integrate it soon.

  3. Gareth Dineen

    Our team would really like this feature. We always need our forks synced so its an annoying manual step we would like to not have to do.

  4. Võ Lê Duy Anh

    The Bitbucket server product has this option already. Hope it will be offered in cloud product soon.

  5. Jacek Furmankiewicz

    I was amazed to see this feature is missing. This is really git 101. Please add this functionality ASAP.

  6. Andy Dysart

    GRRR. Looks like the fairly nice feature that existed to manually sync your fork just got removed. How the heck are we supposed to keep a fork in sync now?

  7. Andrew Smith

    Andy Dysart, I think you can get the sync button back by going into your profile settings, then find the Labs under Integration and Features, then turn off (opt-out) of New Source Browser experience. This seems to get set anytime you either change your password or set up an account.

  8. Jacek Furmankiewicz

    Automatic fork sync is one of the nicest features of on-prem Stash/BitBucket.
    I still cannot believe this feature is marked as Minor.

    Please listen to your users. We are somewhat frustrated by the gaps in functionality between on-prem and cloud versions (how default reviewers work in BitBucket cloud is an abomination).

  9. Andy Dysart

    Andrew Smith, thanks for the suggestion - it works. Hopefully Atlassian will restore this feature in the new experience soon. Most of what I saw there looked good, but the loss of the sync capability is a pretty severe issue for me.

  10. Alastair Wilkes staff

    @jfurmankiewiczon3 - FYI, we recently improved default reviewers to make them work a lot better for forks. Hope it's improved things for you!

    @adysart78 - Indeed, the "sync fork" button is now available in the new source browser. You'll find it in the right sidebar (if there are changes available).

  11. Muzammil Peer

    This feature is most await. Because on private bitbucket server it's there. but on bitbucket cloud missing it.

  12. Anthony Hernandez

    This is one of the biggest pain points in our current workflow. Please, please get this added to BitBucket Cloud.

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