Incorrect repo size - reached 2GB hard limit but repo is less than 600 MB

Issue #12190 resolved
Todd Rose
created an issue

Hi, we've reached the hard limit on one of our repositories this morning and can't push changes. 100+ people are blocked today.

git pull git gc git count-objects -vH

count: 734 size: 6.94 MiB in-pack: 752101 packs: 2 size-pack: 551.68 MiB prune-packable: 0 garbage: 0 size-garbage: 0 bytes

Please help!!!

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  1. Jesse Yowell staff

    Hi Todd,

    We're having a bit of an issue with our support portal, so apologies for the non-timely response. It looks like all your repos are currently under 2GB. Which repo is having the issue?



  2. Todd Rose reporter

    Hi Jesse,

    Our biggest repo is:

    My local copy looks to be about 550 MB after a "git gc". On the "settings" page in the web console it's showing 1.5 GB. Also we've been intermittently seeing a message about it being over 2 GB and have been hard-stopped a few times (including today).

    Can you manually clean and pack the remote repo on your hosted side and see if it still shows 1.5 GB ?

  3. Jesse Yowell staff


    The actual culprit was a unused log file that was taking up space, so it wasn't anything you could have done to prevent it. Removing this cut down the repo size in half. Going forward, we're going to make sure we aren't outputting these logs in the user directory.

    Thanks, Jesse

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