relative linking from project wiki to project: link to ordinary file works, link to image fails

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Tom Roche
created an issue

I have a repository for testing relative-link syntax @ with a wiki @ . The filetree of the project (which includes its wiki) is


As shown @ rst_link_test/wiki/Home.rst

  1. Home>ordinary file: I can successfully link from rst_link_test/wiki/Home to an ordinary file in the project's ./subdir_level_1/ with ../src/HEAD/subdir_level_1/file_in_folder_just_below_project_root.rst
  2. Home>image>downloads: I can successfully {link to, display} an image in the parent project's Downloads from rst_link_test/wiki/Home with ../downloads/Jen_Sorensen_PandP-poster-ForWeb.png
  3. README>image>in project repo: several syntaxes work to allow this project's README to display a file in its ./images/
  4. Home>image>ordinary file: I cannot successfully {link to, display} an image in the project's ./images/ from rst_link_test/wiki/Home with ../src/HEAD/images/Jen_Sorensen_PandP-poster-ForWeb.png . In fact, I can't find any syntax that will allow a relative link from rst_link_test/wiki/Home to an image in rst_link_test/images/ .


  1. Both rst_link_test/subdir_level_1/ and rst_link_test/images/ are obviously peer directories/folders.
  2. rst_link_test/wiki/Home can display an image from its parent project's Downloads, so it's not like the wiki cannot display images outside its own pseudo-project.

So I assert that either (and this is a boolean or)

  1. The same relative-link syntax that works from a wiki file to an ordinary file in the wiki's parent project should work for image display.
  2. BB should enable some relative-link syntax to allow a wiki file to display an image in the wiki's parent project.

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