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Jesper Noehr
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Not implemented, should be.

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  1. Igor Santos

    Five years asking for something "basic" as a wiki search? lol... I hope the wiki goes into a hacking weekend in Bitbucket offices, they've added tons of new features recently, but the wiki is totally forgotten.

  2. Hussein Yahfoufi

    Is this site actually used to manage requests that get worked on or is it just a way for Atlassian to make you feel like your voice is being heard? Just asking to know if I should even bother thinking new features will be implemented or if I should take BitBucket for what it today and move on. I am working on a new project and trying to decide between BitBucket, GitHub or Assembla.

    Wiki without search is not that useful, we might as well use Word Documents and print them.

  3. Marc

    We use Google Docs simply because it is searchable. It would be much nicer to store extra information with the code but this way it are more portable.

  4. Imani Dap

    I'm part of a team that wants to document a lot in this wiki but if you can't search it isn't even worth to go to the wiki if you want to find something. I really hope that someone thinks about adding this feature because otherwise the wiki is totally useless.

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