Feature: Trigger build only on file changes

Issue #12202 open
Oliver Hagel-Doll
created an issue

At the moment builds are also triggered via Webhook when tags are pushed. There is only one common option to configure this - no filtering here possible. This is rather annoying when working with tags. We use auto tags for certain build stages - and the pushing of those triggers again a build without any changes in the sources. As workaround one could use a 'gate keeper' stage which checks if files have been changed - but this is rather inconvenient...

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  1. Rami Abughazaleh

    I'm currently using Zapier to trigger a build and this is causing an infinite loop of build triggers in a CI environment. I expected to be able to skip invoking the trigger and ignore the push when only a new tag has been created. I can't seem to create a filter in either the bitbucket webhook or Zapier and so I have to resort to not creating tags or use Zapier's Bitbucket "New Changeset" polling trigger which has a 15 minute delay. :(

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