Somehow I own a new unknown repository

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Yevhen Baiev created an issue

Today I just logon and found a new repository which was recently updated. But I can't remember when I've add this repository and I don't use the Drupal in my practice. And last commit has been pushed on 2016-01-05 yesterday I had no time for coding at all so it looks like some strange bug for me. I've already changed the password btw. Regards Eugene.

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Hi @baev_eugene, it is possible that someone added you to that repository by mistake. We (The Bitbucket team) took a look and can see that you were given direct access to the repo you're referring to. If you visit that repository's main overview page, you'll see a link to revoke your access, near the top where we list forks and branches.

    If you aren't able to revoke your own access, or have questions about how this could have happened. Please raise a private issue to us directly at support as the site/master issue tracker is public.

    Marcus Bertrand

  2. Yevhen Baiev reporter

    OK it is done. The repository is gone.

    P.S. I hope the actual owner haven't lose anything.

    Thanks for help.

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