After delete a repository, can't create the repository with the same name

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After I delete a private repository with name xyz, and then try to re-create repository with the same name, got error: "The repository name exist " , also some times I still see the deleted repository name in the repositories list, once click on it, got message saying it has been deleted......

How to fix?

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  1. Renato Rudnicki Account Deactivated

    Hi @CharlieRen,

    Did you tried to clean up the cache from your browser? If you still face this issue, please raise a ticket to Bitbucket Support

  2. hatstand

    @rrudnicki Same issue here, getting stonewalled with "Repository with this Name and Owner already exists.". I'd be surprised if it was a cache issue, given that I deleted the repository (And left a redirect URL) over 6 months ago, and have switched browsers(And cleared my cache) since then. Rasied a support ticket, but this really seems like a bug.

  3. Felix H. Dahlke

    Same problem here, removed a repository a couple of months ago (from a different computer even). Wanted to create one with the same name today, and all I get is: "Repository with this Name and Owner already exists."

  4. Nicolas SILBERMAN

    Same for us @rrudnicki ! it's a real bug, not an invalid one. Impossible to create or import a repo with the same name as an old deleted one

  5. Nigel Packer

    This bug is NOT invalid. It is in direct conflict with the documentation, which suggests that a redirect can be removed by re-creating a repository with the same name.

  6. Shubhendu Shekhar Singh

    Same problem here.

    Doc suggests to create a new repo of name as that of deleted repo and then delete the repo again without providing redirect, but cant create the new repo as it says repo with the same name and owner already exists.

  7. Alejandro Guerrieri

    I have the same problem. I cannot create a new repo with the old name, it claims there's already a repository with the same name and owner. Please fix.

  8. Former user Account Deleted

    I usually use uncommon way to solve this problem as Bitbucket doesn't try to fix this matter:
    + Assume we have deleted repository named "PrivateProject" in account/username A
    + In account/username B, we create new repository with same name "PrivateProject"
    + Transfer this repository to account/username A
    + That's all. Enjoy our development world!

    This way needs temp account/username B but it doesn't affect to our main account - it just make our noise to bitbucket only.

  9. beau-barker NA

    +1, can't delete a redirected repository.

    But thanks @vutdang for the workaround.

    Edit For those wondering how to delete it:

    1. Create a repository with the same name, in another account.
    2. Transfer it into your account with the dead repository.
    3. Delete the repository, and this time don't set a redirect URL.

    The workaround doesn't work any more.

  10. Aaron MacDonald

    @rrudnicki: There is a deleted/redirected repository from 2 years ago still on my dashboard, on a team I am no longer a part of and have no permissions on.

  11. Sébastien GAUTRIN

    I confirm this bug is definitely not invalid, and thus should not be marked as such. Considering that the workaround given by @vutdang and expanded on by @beau-barker NA work, it's most likely a simple UI bug (as the system lets you effectively re-create that repository by transferring one with that name).

    The workaround is nice but requires to have another account to work with in the first place :/

  12. Aaron MacDonald

    Also the workaround does not work if the project is under a team and you don't have access to that team anymore.

  13. Thomas Capricelli

    @beau-barker NA @vutdang
    The workaround doesn't work for me. On the link i received ("View transfer request") i'm unable to accept as (unsurprisingly) "You already own a repository of this name".

  14. Allan Paiste

    Just encountered the same issue, it's definitely not invalid.

    Steps to repeat

    Unfortunately I have not found a way to repeat this, but I could provide one such private repository name in your system: vaimo/module-cms

    PS: Suggesting browser cache invalidation to fix this is pretty odd, but I was willing to try even that. Did not change anything.

    Recreated the issue to poke at the person responsible for the invalidation:

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