Project Icon overrides Repository Icon - Cannot set Repository Icon

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Zac Fowler
created an issue

The new project feature of bit bucket is cool. However, the first thing I noticed was that our repository icons are replaced with the project's icon.

My feature request is that repository icons override the project folder icon on the display. Otherwise I'm not sure where the repository icon even shows up now.

It looks like the repository icon is gone, and I'd love it back. Thank you!

Update / 2016-04-05 / @benechols

Repo avatars are back! Go to to turn them on. We'll gradually roll them out to everyone, but you can turn them on today to see any custom avatars you set before and to set new ones.

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  1. Liam Greig

    Hey all, I'm a designer on Bitbucket. A number of factors went into this decision including the % of users who actually upload custom repo avatars which was very low. With projects, we introduced a new avatar into the system that teams can customize to represent a group of repos which is consistent with Bitbucket server and satisfies the way in which the majority of teams use Bitbucket. We realize that this solution isn't perfect for everyone.

    If you were using the language avatars though and would like to continue to use them to represent a project, you can grab them here:

  2. Mark Mitchell

    Sure not everyone used it, thats great and all that you tried to base your decisions on some stat but why not just allow both? Could it really of been that much more work? At least that way nobody would have lost out.

  3. Cedric MOURIZARD

    Loosing information and configuration set by users without warning or alert and without any way to come back to this previous situation it's a bug. Retrieve one by one the icon and setup again when you have more than 5/10 repo is not an option in my humble opinion.

  4. Kerr Gibson

    Like Mark, we too found these icons really useful. I don't think I saved them locally either so I hope they aren't gone forever. Please bring back this feature!

  5. Andrew St. Angelo

    Our company used our customer's logos as the icons to, as Mark suggested, visually identify projects. We too would like those back. Is there any way that we could make this a configurable option?

    I'm not concerned with retrieving the images. I want them back on the repo list view. Please.

  6. Andrew Lippert

    Agree with others. You have DELETED customer data. That is a bug. Sorry, this issue ought be corrected for all customers ASAP. There is simply no sound reason this functionality was changed. @Liam Greig it would have been more appropriate to simply leave the existing icons for repositories in place and supplement the system with projects and their associated custom icons. Poor decision making here. Please fix the bug.

  7. Nick Palmius

    I have to agree with the general feeling on here. Projects are great, except for this aspect. The project avatar replacing the repository avatar is a really strange design choice.

    I indeed never used custom repository avatars, but I found the language avatars to be a really useful quick reference to what a project was. Project avatars could be useful too - but for the project, not for the repository. These are two separate concepts.

    Even worse is when I have access to another user's repository - the avatar is now their personal avatar which is often not at all appropriate as an indicator of what the repository is. Why would I want to see their face next to the repository?

  8. Lenik Terenin

    I have spent enough time to choose the proper avatar for each of project to be able to visually distinguish one from another. All I see now is a stupid mugshot, that does not provide any info Even simple language icons were infinitely more useful that what we have today. I hope this gets resolved back to what is was before.

  9. Maxim Novikov

    The main thing I can't understand, why BB guys couldn't just create a project per repository and reassign the repository icons to the project ones...

    I guess this whole project thing is just making BB look like BB Server (ex. Stash), where you can't assign icons to the repositories either, only to the projects. But this still doesn't explain why the migration has been done so poorly with basically losing the customers data, when it would appear pretty straightforward just to create a project per each repository and move the existing icons to the projects.

  10. Frode Moe

    Please bring back repository icons to the dashboard. I'm on several hundred projects, and now they are all showing the same owner avatar. This bug plus issue #12257 are definitively two steps backwards for the usability of the dashboard.

  11. Marek Fort

    We had avatars for the most frequently used repos. It really helped to identify the right repo. I do not understand how this ticket type could be an enhancement. It was working before. It does not work now. So it is a bug. I wish BB had better product managers.

  12. James Pickup

    Lets say I have a project called projects, a Project called Internal, etc.

    Inside products I have 8 product repositories. I don't want all 8 repositories to show the 'products icon' I want it to show the repository icon. In my case this would be the 'App Icon for each repository not the company icon'.

    If you go to the overview tab on the dashboard, It's pretty obvious that in this scenario each repository showing the project Icon is a loss of granularity in information shown. Instead there should be a project icon next to the project column just like the repository column has therefore you can see both, each in their relevant column.

    This is a hugely annoying issue for me at the moment. I don't enjoy seeing a picture of myself next to every private repo I have that I don't want in a project.

  13. Randy Stauner

    I, too, was really saddened to see this choice made.

    After all the effort that I put into programmatically migrating dozens of repos from another service to bitbucket, the first thing the devs on my team said was how much they enjoyed the custom repo avatars.

    It's a big win for a provider when they can create a simple feature that has the power to elicit such emotion. Taking that feature away seems like a big failure.

    While there may have been people that didn't use custom repo avatars, I suspect there are many that won't use projects and would have preferred to keep the avatars.

  14. Amanda Hart

    Just discovered that all of our repo icons are no longer displaying-- very disappointed. We have many clients, and used those client logos for the repo icons. Some clients have multiple sites with different logos-- so having just one project logo does not help. The visual differentiation was extremely important for a quick glance. I'm adding my voice to the choir of people who want repo icons back!

  15. Chris Thorn

    I'd just like to add my name to the list. I really liked the custom icons. Being able to put the client's logo on the repo allowed for really quick identification. Now it's just a load of pictures of me which isn't very helpful :(

  16. Jeff Maass

    +1 - Not an enhancement. SourceTree is only supporting icons for old repositories. Is not supporting icons for new repositories. We weren't using the icons much, but partly because we had so few repositories. We are growing them daily. Sure would like to have the functionality back. Agreed, this is lost user data.

  17. Ash Alom

    Please fix this. This is a terrible product evolution and your decision has resulted in many power users finding their workflow to be less productive and also more confusing.

    In future, if you find a feature is not being used as much as you'd hoped, perhaps it's because some people didn't know about it. Perhaps you can take the opportunity to promote existing features to encourage others to take advantage of them. The next time you make decisions to axe features based on poor adoption, please ask those who use them of how it could impact them should it be removed.

    Bottom line, this was not a smart decision as it has hurt your users.

    Please restore the repo icon.

  18. Derk-Jan Hartman

    % of users who actually upload custom repo avatars which was very low.

    This feature was not that much obvious, but it was very useful

    Can you imagine how useful that 'small group' found this feature, that they went through that 'complicated' process to set the icon after all ?

  19. Frank Finner

    I want my icons back (attached to their repositories, of course)! +1 this is is a bug, and not at all a feature or "enhancement". Please reverse this decision and bring back the repository icons!

  20. Marek Fort

    Fortunately bitbucket developers forgot to remove the repo avatars consistently. The old good avatar is still visible in Jira when Jira is integrated with Bitbucket.

  21. Franklin Yu
    1. How about tracking a file in the repository with a specific name, e.g., ICON.(svg|png|jpg)? Such a file can override current default setting. It makes sense since guys above think that the icon belongs to the repository.
    2. Some users seem to require the language-based icon. I guess an additional "language" column in repository list would help.
    3. Guys, please don't comment with "+1", "I want it back" and "please revert this" which provide no more information than simply clicking the "vote". Show us that you know how to make use of current features.
  22. Adam Cluett

    +1 bug-not-enhancement. User data deleted (or hidden where users can't find them without special knowledge, which is functionally equivalent). User interface made functionally less useful than before because ... why?

  23. Scott X

    We used custom Repository icons for all our projects and they are GONE. This was a terrible decision and has made your product worse. Whomever came up with this idea should be fired.

  24. Luca Baronti

    I'm sorry to say that, but that's a big issue for me as well.

    My repositories are starting to grow in number and the custom icon was an easy way to visually recognize the right repository. Also, that was a nice touch from the bitbucket system.

    Please give us back the custom icons.

  25. Eion Robb

    The custom logo is important branding and gives professionalism to our repo. No one wants to see some turkey holding a turnip as a logo for a project. +1 from me

  26. Alex Shapovalov

    The removal of this feature punished the power users. One could argue that the power users are the strongest advocates for Bitbucket. I hope the product team listens to all the criticism in this bug report and reinstates the feature.

  27. Alex Shapovalov

    @Liam Greig I understand that only 6% of users had repository icons which indeed seems like a small fraction of the user base. Does that number increase significantly if you account for users with more than lets say 15 repositories?

    Basically what I am asking is, what percentage of users with 15 or more repositories used icons?

  28. Derk-Jan Hartman

    BTW, I renamed "Untitled project" to "Useless Project feature by Atlassian" to reduce daily suffering and for my own personal enjoyment, while I await significant improvements to it :)

  29. Ash Alom

    Completely agree with @Derk-Jan Hartman

    The "Project" feature is beyond useless and when you add a repo to it, the URL (something someone may have already bookmarked) changes, resulting in a 404, not even a 301!

    This change is right up there with Microsoft removing the "Start" button from windows and we all know how that turned out.

    Why are there children running this company?

  30. Eugene Toropov

    I spent hours to find beautiful icons for each repo and now they're gone and all my repos look the same. It's awful. Please take them back or at least add a custom setting to do so.

  31. Derk-Jan Hartman

    The "Project" feature is beyond useless and when you add a repo to it, the URL (something someone may have already bookmarked) changes, resulting in a 404, not even a 301!

    @Ash Alom Wait really ? I think that should reported as a separate issue. Man, I'm even more glad than before that I haven't added more projects ad move repo's between them.

  32. Ash Alom

    Considering these are the same people that made the buggy SourceTree, an app that forgets your password - a "feature" Atlassian have failed to fix or correctly address for years, are you surprised by all the failings on bitbucket and for their flawed decision making abilities?

    Do the developers at Atlassian not use their own products?

  33. Ash Alom

    What is amusing is that the people posting on this thread are the power users who evangelize Bitbucket. Sadly, we are the ones that Atlassian has hurt.

    My team had a serious meeting today about abandoning Bitbucket because of the fact Atlassian removed a feature and our files without informing us; thus it is highly probable Atlassian could delete user files or even archived repos at their whim.

    As a result of the immature decision making abilities by Atlassian, I cannot endorse Bitbucket anymore.

    I find it highly shameful that other than the lame company lines from @Gary Sackett there has been no official response or apology to us from Atlassian regarding this much loved and highly useful feature.

    I am officially calling out Atlassian staff, and am challenging you to do better by us. FIX IT!

    @Ian Grunert @Kristy Hughes @Juan Palacios @Jonathan Nolen @Daniel Bennett @Drew Walker @Karen Cross

  34. Victor Rocha de Oliveira

    +1 @Ash Alom

    It took years for Atlassian to implement this "Project" feature and now my repository seems totally messy. I hope it won't take too long to fix this enhancement/bug/bad move or whatever you want to call regarding the possibility to choose repository avatars.

  35. Christopher Werby

    +1 I set up each of my repos with a custom icon. They had an informational purpose to me. Now all I see is a duplicate of my own avatar repeated for each repo. That has no informational value. Please restore the icon feature. Those that don't use it can have a default icon. But those who customize their icon should get to keep it.

  36. Liam Greig

    Thanks for all your feedback on this issue.

    We did beta test projects prior to launch during which time we received feedback that the combination of project and repository avatars was confusing and looked cluttered. When we removed the repository avatars during that same time period we never heard any complaints from the 2800+ users who had opted in to try the feature. Combined with the fact that only ~6% of teams had uploaded custom avatars we felt confident that we were making the right call.

    The feedback since launch has offered us a different perspective on the value of repository avatars and we’re in the process of exploring ways to re-introduce them in combination with projects. In addition, we're working on improvements to our beta programs and processes so that big features or UI changes are less surprising in the future.

    We will update this issue once we have a better sense of timing or progress to share.

  37. Dieter Blomme

    Actually, #2323 shows that many people do care, so please keep your unconstructive comments to yourself @Ash Alom As far as re-introducing repository avatars concerns: glad to hear it's at least under consideration, hope to see them back soon!

  38. Evgeny Petrov

    @Liam Greig, Sir, you've said

    If you were using the language avatars though and would like to continue to use them to represent a project, you can grab them here:

    So, how can I set one of those avatars to my repo?

  39. Gonçalo Lopes

    These icons were extremely useful! Please bring them back! Even for individual repositories inside a common project you may want to have different logos or variations on the project logo to identify each one.

    It was already working! Why break something that was already in place???

  40. Liam Greig

    @master_groosha at the moment it is not possible to set a language avatar to a repo, only to a project. So you could assign a language avatar to a project which would then display as the avatar for any repository within that project. To do so, (as a team admin) go to the project you want to update, select 'Settings' in the sidebar and then 'Change avatar'.

    As mentioned in my previous comment, we're actively exploring the best way to re-introduce repository avatars as well.

  41. Mark Mitchell

    Why is this such a difficult decision and task? Let projects have avatars, let repos have avatars and go back to the defaults for repos based on code type which at least gave it some sort of default hint as to what to expect. Repos should be able to exist in multiple projects but their identity is thier own and not dictaded by the project. If someone does want a projects avatar to filter down to the repos it contains then just make it an option. I feel like this is being drawn out way to long and we are just left out here to dry while a simple problem is analyzed to death. Thank god for @Luděk Uiberlay and his script or I would have just moved off of bitbucket already!

    And fix sourcetree so it has avatars again, neither the repos or the projects work after this update which just goes to show how well this was all thought out...

  42. Victor Rocha de Oliveira

    I must say I've been waiting for this feature for like months, but now that has come I wish it didn't - my portfolio seems totally messed because of this change. The funniest part is that I made my portfolio for myself when I was needing the feature, now that I sent my portfolio to some places, this change (which is a ** the way it is) has arrived.

    Seems that it's going to take months again for someone to fix, considering the amount of upvotes on this topic.

  43. EgideMuhire

    I would have to agree with @Mark Mitchell. With repository, project or team icons it was super easy and quick to locate a project/repo with a quick scan, especially when you have multiple repos in one project. I miss this feature :(

  44. wcb

    I'm concerned that you removed user data without warning. That is absolutely ridiculous. What the hell were you thinking?

    At any rate, I want this feature back.

  45. Swyter

    What the hell? Bring them back. I didn't bother to make custom icons for each of my repos for nothing.

    I entered today and they were gone, no easily identifiable info. I like Mercurial a lot, but the amount of restructuring, removals and changes I find every time I enter Bitbucket is a bit off-putting. I value the service, but this disconcerting.

    At least send an e-mail or something, grep by people using them and warn them beforehand.

  46. Maxim Novikov



    The worst thing here is not about projects/icons and stuff, but complete disrespect of BB team for their customers. If we had received a notification in 1 or 2 week advance, we could 1) discuss all that stuff and probably prevent unexpected changes that turn out to hurt lots of active users, 2) figure out how to handle it even if the changes were still not possible to stop.

    No one even knew how to get the previously uploaded and lost icons when the change happened. I personally learned it only after filing a support request to Atlassian. One day I just opened Bitbucket and found a completely new UI (even not only the UI, but the concept of working with the system) with my data (images) lost.

  47. Allan Folz

    I can't help feeling we're being trolled on this one.

    The icons are still there and they do appear from time to time, such as the commit history pop-up window when browsing a JIRA ticket. It has be trivial to bring them back, at least minimally restoring them on the sidebar when navigating within a repo would be trivial. That they take two weeks to say they're "exploring" it, and then a week and a half after that a non-update that they'll let us know when they have some ETA's is a little bit insulting. It's textbook Bad Marketing 101. Chapter 1: "Never Admit to a Mistake" Chapter 2: "How to Train Your (Trapped) Customers Not to Expect Too Much."

  48. Jeff Bellsey

    Just like when Google killed their RSS reader. A small percentage of users cared, but those who cared, REALLY cared.

    Removing features -- even with a beta test -- is something that should not be taken lightly. See also Final Cut Pro X.

    This one really pissed me off. Horrible product management on this one guys.

  49. Kurt Dekker

    This is indeed a bug. I put effort into identifying certain key repositories visually in the list, and now that ability is gone.

    Not only that, Atlassian removed the "last touched repository bubbles to the top feature," another great way to maintain current work flow when operating across a broad range of repositories.

    Please bring back both: individual repository icons in the main list, as well as the old sorting order: most-recently touched icons at the top.

    And please, stop "fixing" random stuff that isn't broken. It has workflow consequences for your users.

  50. Garret Wilson

    as well as the old sorting order: most-recently touched icons at the top

    Ack! Nooo!! Let me put this in context: some of us have been asking for forever and a day for the simple ability to sort our repositories by e.g. name---you know, a simple option, like most tables in most quality software.

    Rather than add this simple feature, Atlassian decided to create this huge monster of a thing called projects:

    Just by luck this huge projects things sorts things alphabetically. But if you start complaining about this the way everyone has been complaining about icons (and I agree that you all have a reason to complain about both of these things), Atlassian instead of doing the right thing of simply adding a sort option will instead revert the sorting order (when they eventually bring back the icons) and I and the others who want alphabetical order will be screwed.

    So I empathize with this whole projects snafu. Just please ask them to give us a choice. :)

    And please, stop "fixing" random stuff that isn't broken. It has workflow consequences for your users.

    Yes, exactly. Some of us only wanted a sort option, not a years-long projects development project. And we still don't have a sort option, and the new sorting is precarious, up to the whims of Atlassian...

  51. Victor Rocha de Oliveira

    +1 @Ash Alom - I'm moving to GitHub soon as I find a new job and put my portfolio on a low profile again. Tired of those delays from Atlasian; first took up 2 years to implement such "Tag" feature and now it's totally messed up and with no preview about when they are going to roll back the icon feature.

  52. Josh Kestrel

    I'd also like the repository icons back - it's a bit of a blow to the confidence previously held in Bitbucket and Atlassian.

    This is a great reminder of the fact that the stuff we store in online services like this can always disappear without warning. Backups erry day.

  53. ksdev

    I don't have a team or project - only several repos. Now there is no quick visual way to distinguish them. Repository icons were helpful.

  54. Allan Folz

    That's great, but no one asked for "bringing repo avatars back in a way that complements projects."

    How's the saying go... continous improvement beats postponed perfection. It's been almost two months and you guys still cannot admit to a mistake and restore them in even a limited fashion, for instance on the sidebars when browsing a repo. I'm convinced that could have been easily accomplished with less than a day's effort back in January. Then roll-out whatever solution "complements projects," if you're so convinced Projects is the solution to so many problems we never knew we had.

    I will say, whatever you do come up with, from the stand-point of respect for the users, is going to be too little, too late.

  55. Teodor - Petre Cioacă

    It would be great to simply support the old feature without deprecating it at all. I do not find it redundant. From an UX/UI point of view, think what Microsoft's Visual Studio solutions do: they group projects together. Your projects are like those solutions in the sense that they can group repos together. But that's no excuse for not allowing repo-level identification. Microsoft knows this and has different project icons depending on which programming language you select.

    Individual users and companies have other rules that can translate into the need of having this flexibility. So, in all, adding the project concept is your enhancement, but removing the previous functionality and claiming it should be deemed as an enhancement is not exactly a fair use of the term since it was not proposed by external parties.

    Granted, given enough time, people might stop complaining and the need for re-introducing the old feature back would not be of any relevance. Since I am not paying for this service, I cannot blame Atlassian, but I am sure there are some companies or users that do and are not particularly enjoying the situation.

  56. Eion Robb

    Is it correct that its only visible for people who turn on that beta setting, and not that other people can see it on my projects now that I have that setting turned on?

    I've checked with other users and they're still seeing the wrong icon so I'm guessing that this is the case, but if so this feature still hasn't been added.

  57. Benjamin Echols

    Yes Eion, that's correct - only users that have turned on the feature will see the repo icons. Everyone else will still see project icons in the equivalent locations.

    We'll be pushing out the change globally soon, so everyone will see both repo and project icons in the appropriate contexts.

  58. Renaud Fontana

    How do I customise what the repo avatar is? At the moment it's showing me what language is used in the repository but this is of no interest to me, I'd rather be able to implement my own icon scheme based on other parameters that programming language.

  59. Ruggero Collenghi

    I would like to have them back, they were very useful to locate repository at a glance and nice for the UI

    (Despite it seems to be "resolved" I still can't see the feature to turn them on in my features page)

    Schermata 2016-06-07 alle 10.29.54.png

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