Difficult to find recently changed repositories

Issue #12251 duplicate
Lorne Kelly
created an issue

It would be wonderful to be able to configure the main page to display recently changed repositories, Currently the page shows recently viewed - completely useless for me.

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  1. Rohan Truscott

    Please also reinstate this feature. It is far more useful to have recently commited projects first. It allows us to have a gauge as to what projects are actively being modified. Alphabetic order is not that useful.

  2. Andreas Breitschopp

    I just created a support ticket to report this completely awful and useless "new dashboard" as obvious bug: The supported pointed me to this issue and therefore I comment here now.

    Before this stupid change the dashboard was really useful giving me a complete overview of all last changes of all repositories: Now I have only 5 projects in the "recent" list (why!?) and they are even not "recent commits" anymore and I also see no commit dates, no last commit text, nothing! It is absolutely useless now!

    Please fix this bug as soon as possible and revert to the old dashboard or change the new one in a way that I see all (not just 5!) repositories (you can call every repository a project, I don't care) descending by last commit with last commit date and ideally message again.

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