Allow repositories to be in multiple projects (BB-15650)

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Erik Kallen created an issue

I love the new projects feature to group repositories that is why I would like to propose the following enhancement.
Our repositories are shared between projects so it would be nice if a repository could belong to multiple projects.

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  1. Andrew Lippert

    This is a no brainer. We have component repositories that are shared across 'projects'. Projects ought not be a limiting organizational feature. Instead, they ought enhance our ability to structure information as we deem appropriate. Adding such functionality ought provide additional options, not fewer. Tags would have been a far better approach to the current solution.

  2. Marek Fort

    I cannot imagine how Projects feature passed any usability testing in Atlassian. I think this ticket should be changed to a bug. It is not an enhancement. When you assign a repo to one project and then another team member assigns the same repo to another project then the old link breaks without any warning. This is fundamentally broken.

  3. Andrew Lippert

    Agree with Marek. Frankly, I'd consider this more than a minor issue as well. For any reasonably sized team with multiple projects, this 'feature' is unusable. Fundamentally broken => major or critical. And certainly a bug.

  4. Zachary Davis Account Deactivated

    Thanks for the feedback. To be honest with you, based on our current thinking it's unlikely that we'll ever build this (but of course things can change). Instead, we're much more likely to allow labels in addition to projects (see #11800, "Support organization of repositories by label").

    In addition, I'm changing this back to an enhancement as projects were deliberately built to be more akin to a flat list of folders -- a repository can be contained by exactly one project. Yes, two repo admins (only users with admin privileges on the repo can change its project) can both try to put the same repository in different projects but I think the UI is pretty clear that it's a replacement, not an addition.

  5. Andrew Lippert

    Unbelievable. You clearly don't develop software. This implementation renders projects nearly useless for any substantial organization who might share code across 'projects.'

  6. Marek Fort

    Then I wonder what are the projects good for? What does it solve? We have multiple accounts currently. We were waiting for this feature with a hope of being able to merge all accounts together and have the repos in "projects" to make kind of namespace for repos. We have well over 100 repos. If projects are not going to solve it then are you (Atlassian) working on github-like directory structure? Labels feature does not help either.

    Bitbucket is probably OK for group of 10 developers. But if you have 100+ members then it hits the limits.

  7. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Echoing Zach’s comment above, we do not plan to support repositories existing in multiple projects - labels are much more likely, although they are not currently in development.

  8. Daniel Murray

    Shared repos are literally the only situation where I would have more than one repo in a project. ARGH.

  9. Steve Malers

    If I understand this issue correctly, the inability to have a repo in more than one project is forcing me to define projects for each repo, thereby adding a project layer with little or no added value. As a comparison, in Eclipse I may have a workspace for a software tool that includes multiple repositories (main program, several libraries, when it makes sense to edit the code for all at the same time rather than jar-only Maven approach). It might be nice to have an equivalent Bitbucket project with the same group of repos so that the project team knows what it is working on. Instead, there will be a project for "library A", another for "library B", etc. Bitbucket projects are essentially useless in this case.

  10. Holger Schmidt

    This is really sad,
    not allowing to assign repos to multiple project makes the project "feature" completely useless.

    I would also consider this as a major bug instead of enhancement.

  11. Pierre-Eric PIGNON

    So, someone from Atlassian team can explain to us how we can share source code between different projects. Thanks in advance

  12. P Lijnzaad

    I concur with holgis and others: this is a bug. It's even worse: when create a new project and add existing repositories to it, it will happily do so without warning that the repository added is now taken out of its original project

  13. Mark Ingle

    This is definitely needed for those companies with large development teams. In the name of efficiencies gained from collaboration of code this feature should be added or Bitbucket will get left in the dust!

  14. Gal Kaminka

    I have to say that (1) this feature is very much needed. Sharing repos between projects is the thing that makes projects make sense.
    And this leads to (2) the UI is most definitely not clear on this. I just discovered this bug when I created two projects that share some of the infrastructure gits, and have (unknowingly) assigned all the infrastructure repositories to one project. At the very least, a warning should
    be displayed in the "add repositories" section that makes it clear that repositories in one project cannot be in another.

    But in any case, and with all due respect to Altassian's experience -- I think indeed this is a serious bug.

  15. Sajeev Madusuthanan

    I agree this feature is needed. Sharing repositories between projects is a fundamental thing that needs to be incorporated.

  16. Etienne Desautels

    I work alone and without abilities to share repositories between projects, the Project feature is definitely useless.

  17. Kevin Becker

    Without this feature, the "projects" are meaningless. Most projects share code to some degree. Please reconsider.

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