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I often take image snapshot which generates URL to the remote image (such as

If I insert this image, I get URL link so to see the actual image, a person has to click on the link.

On the other hand, to insert such image, I have to go to that remote site, save image, then upload it again as the local image.

Is there a way to implement a feature to pull image from the remote URL and embed it as image?

This is a usual feature on all forums. Check StackExchange sites for example.

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  1. alzan s

    Thanks for letting me know. But pardon me, this is indicated nowhere. You only have a normal "link" button that is just a markdown link ([some text](some url)). You did not say about this anywhere.

    Why not letting people know that they can use image-type markdown e.g. ![](imageUrl) ?

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