Issue #12259 resolved
Konstantin Molchanov
created an issue


This user had a different userpic before Butbucket's UI got updated. The current userpic belongs to another user; unfortunately I can't remember which one, but I've definitely seen it.

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  1. Theodora Boudale staff

    Hi Konstantin,

    I am unsure what the bug you are reporting here is, could you please explain?

    Users can update their profile pics at any time -- it's also quite common for users to have more than one Bitbucket accounts, so it's very likely to see mutliple profiles with the same pic.

  2. Konstantin Molchanov reporter

    Hello, Theodora!

    Sorry for the vague issue description.

    The thing is that after the latest Bitbucket update, the mentioned userpic was changed to what seems like a totally irrelevant one. Before the update, the CherryPy repo had the CherryPy logo, which is quite expected. After the update, there's this guy's face instead.

    My point is that it's very unlikely that they changed the logo to this one on their own. However, I'm not 100% sure.

    As far as I understand, you introduced the concept or projects that didn't exist before. I suspect that this update could somehow mess the userpics.

    If this issue isn't reported by anyone else but me then it's probably not an issue at all. In this case, please accept my sincere apologies for taking your time.

  3. Marcus Bertrand staff

    As there's been no activity on this issue for some time, we're closing this issue. If you continue to have issues using Bitbucket Cloud, please raise a new issue here for Bug/Features and for Support.


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