Project-level Issues, Wiki, and Downloads (BB-15651)

Issue #12260 open
David Miller
created an issue

Great job with projects! However one feature that you can hopefully immediately add is the ability to treat a project just like a repo and have issues, wiki and downloads.

We have multiple websites that have multiple repos but have to select only one repo for the main repo to store issues, wiki, downloads etc... It would be so much easier to do this on the project level!


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  1. Sam Cristall

    This was the first thing I thought of after sorting our repositories into projects. Just a couple obvious use cases of a project wiki would be detailing compatibility of the project's repositories or instructions on how to wire them together.

  2. tibor strausz

    i agree. now it is not possible to commit to an issue of a different repository. so either we have different issue lists which we have to work with (unhandy in standup meeting) or we only use one repository and put the different repositories in different subfolders, which makes the whole project obsolete.

    this is mentioned here #12618 too

  3. Charles Barnes

    Just throwing in a an additional love for this idea. Sometimes it might be hard for someone to determine someone submitting the issue which repository the issue is actual in. On top of that, feature requests might affect any number of repositories in a project. Would be nice to have a place to add these.

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