Repo creation API endpoint needs new 'project' variable in requests (BB-15663)

Issue #12273 resolved
Jesse Yowell created an issue

This may be a documentation issue, but we should either:

1) Document the team api endpoint to include anything about projects

2) Make the projects bit optional (not sure if this feasible)

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  1. A

    Need this functionality a lot as we are migrating from stash server with 1000+ repos withing 250+ projects to bitbucket cloud.

  2. Wim-Jan van den Hoek

    Any updates on the issue? This issue currently stands in the way of migrating to Bitbucket..

  3. Luciano Fantuzzi

    Hi. +1 to this. This task is critical to me since I'm assigning groups with different roles to projects and I need to be able to create repos and assign them into specific projects to ensure only certain users can get access to this repos (it's an automated process to create mobile apps that needs to interact with a resource that consumes repo info from here, and only from those "read only" users). It's urgent to me to ensure I don't need to do anything after creating the repos for my new clients.

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