Broken project - repo's don't show, can't delete

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Hari Khalsa
created an issue

Hello, I created a project but it is broken and can't repair from front-end.

  • Add repos - Get a success message, however repos don't display
  • Delete project - Get an error message "Unable to delete GHF Website. Try again later."

Sounds like the same issue reported here:

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  1. Hari Khalsa reporter

    Okay, this appears to be a front-end issue. I opened a different browser (Chrome) and was able to address.

    The problem occurred with Firefox 44 on OS X.

    Any idea why Firefox would have an issue?

  2. Marcus Bertrand staff
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    We've recently made numerous changes to our UI that should have resolved or changed the characteristics of this issue. If you're still seeing any issues across the latest major versions of any browsers, please raise a new issue on this issue tracker.


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