Project slug case not consistent with repo slug case (BB-15850)

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Garret Wilson created an issue

I have a team called e.g. "Team" and I created a project named "Foo" with key FOO. When I navigate to it via the menus, it uses the following URL:

Notice that it changed my project key to lowercase for the slug. Fine. I think it's silly that the keys are forced to uppercase in the first place (as with Confluence).

But then I created another project named "Foo Bar" with a key FOO_BAR. When I navigate to it via the menus, it uses the following URL:

What?? Why is Bitbucket seemingly using arbitrary case?

(And why won't it let me use a hyphen? But that's another issue.)

Can you please stick with either uppercase or lowercase for the project slug and be consistent across all projects?

Update: This gets even crazier. I created a project named "Examples" and Bitbucket suggested a key of EXAM. So I added the letters PLES to the end, that is, to create the key EXAMPLES. Guess what URL I get?

Yes!! Now Bitbucket is mixing case, even when the key was entered (apparently) in all uppercase.

Update: I went back and edited the key, both for FOO_BAR and EXAMPLES. I made sure I typed all the characters in lowercase even though they appeared in the key field as uppercase. After saving the new settings, all the URLs were consistent with lowercase slugs:

The only explanation I can come up with is that on entry of the key when defining the project, Bitbucket must remember whether you typed the characters as uppercase or lowercase as saves the key as such, even though it displays the project key invariables as uppercase in the project definition key field.

Although I find this bug irritating, I wouldn't be surprised if Atlassian discovers that it causes more serious bugs internally.

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    P.S. And I still don't know why you force uppercase for project keys to begin with. P.P.S. And I don't understand why you prohibit hyphens in the project key.

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