Is there a way to get the list of all the users' email addresses in a team account?

Issue #12419 wontfix
Chahrazed Ferchichi created an issue

I am not able to get all the users' email addresses in my team without having their passwords, when I try GET<myusername>/emails I get my own email address but when I try GET and enter my own username and password when asked I cannot get that someone's email address and I have a message saying "forbidden" ( SOMEONEelseUSERNAME is a member of my team and I have an admin access). I was wondering if I could do that using Oauth, even though I have tried and was not able to, but I might be doing something wrong.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Zachary Davis Account Deactivated

    At the moment a team admin can add anyone to their team, so we don't (and won't) expose email addresses of team members to team admins.

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