Unable to add issue comments, edit comments, see merged & declined PRs...

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Robert Leach
created an issue

I am unable to add comments to issues because there's no empty field at the bottom of open issues and I am logged in. Clicking the edit link under an issue comment causes absolutely nothing to happen, i.e. nothing on the page reacts to the click. Clicking the Merged or Declined links at the top of the PR page reloads the page, but it only ever shows the open PRs. I can work around this by adding "merged/" to the end of the URL.

I updated Safari from 7.1 to 9.0.3 to try and resolve these issues which started happening out of the blue this week (week of 2/26/2016). I cleared website data, reset Safari, installed the latest system update (10.9.5), restarted the computer, trashed the Safari prefs file... My colleague running the same version of Safari on Mac OS 10.11 doesn't have this issue. Everything works in Firefox... I get this javascript error:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'i.timing')
(anonymous function)director.js:117
(anonymous function)director.js:146
(anonymous function)director.js:458
(anonymous function)director.js:459
tbootstrap 06f2b74b62d9549d8b4c:50
(anonymous function)repositories-view.js:117
tbootstrap 06f2b74b62d9549d8b4c:50
(anonymous function)repositories-view.js:59
tbootstrap 06f2b74b62d9549d8b4c:50
(anonymous function)app.js:23
tbootstrap 06f2b74b62d9549d8b4c:50
webpackJsonpbootstrap 06f2b74b62d9549d8b4c:21
(anonymous function)app.js:1

Here's a screen recording showing the PR behavior I'm seeing:


Here's a screen-cap of what I see at the bottom of open issues:


Here's what I expect to see (using Firefox):


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